Weather Today: Arctic Blast & Subzero Temp, Here’s Everything We Know

Weather Today: Arctic Blast & Subzero Temp, Here’s Everything We Know
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The harsh cold weather that has been sweeping through the Midwest during the weekend is now making its way towards the east, brought in by snow and squalls from the northeast.


AccuWeather reports that this new arctic blast is harshest the Midwest and East have experienced so far this season. Chief Long-Range Meteorologist Paul Pastelok has also said that this arctic blast will go on for two to three days in most places. Parts of eastern North Dakota, northeastern Iowa and Minnesota can expect subzero temperatures all the way till Tuesday, along with towns close to the Canadian border who may experience temperatures under 20 below zero F. At the same time, consistent snow fall is also expected in northern and central parts of Sierra Nevada with areas like the Bitterroots, Blue Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, the Tetons and Colorado Rockies possibly experiencing 12 to 24 inches of snow till Friday.

Meanwhile, parts of the West Coast from northern California to western Washington are at risk for flooding as the cities continue to experience storms. As much as 4 to 8 inches of rainfall is expected in the area this week, with the heaviest experienced in southwestern Oregon and far northern California. Flash floods can also occur from Seattle to San Francisco due to persistent downpour. At the same time, Washington, Oregon and California can also expect to experience gusty winds of up to 40 mph.

Here’s a look at the weather in the rest of the US:

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-Atlanta, GA: 40˚
-Bangor, ME: 24˚
-Boise, ID: 44˚
-Boston, MA: 31˚
-Chicago, IL : 1˚
-Columbus, OH: 13˚
-Corpus Christi, TX: 53˚
-Honolulu, HI: 79˚
-Las Vegas, NV: 54˚
-Los Angeles, CA: 63˚
-McLean, Virgina: 36˚
-Miami, FL: 66˚
-Minneapolis, MN: -4˚
-New Orleans, LA: 52˚
-New York, NY: 30˚
-Orlando, FL: 58˚
-Philadelphia, PA: 32˚
-Texas City, Texas: 48˚
-Washington, DC: 36˚

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