“Watch your cloud” App launched by CipherCloud

“Watch your cloud” App launched by CipherCloud

Although the existing corporations and organizations already invest a lot in security and anti-hacking software products like malware protection, DLP and so on, the new release by the CipherCloud has something that is required for the optimal security of the system. The product is an environment christened “Watch your cloud” and is the next development of the cloud based security and data loss prevention. The main focus of the product is its interoperability within existing systems.


The founder and CEO of the CipherCloud, Praveen Kothari does acknowledge the companies already inflated budgets for the security related matters. However he is of the view that the existing systems do not monitor what is going on the cloud based systems. The importance and the application of the cloud based sharing systems have risen due to the emergence of apps like SalesForce and Dropbox. A huge number of online  applications and their traffic are now on the cloud based servers so naturally it presents him with an opportunity to provide a solution like “Watch your cloud app” which can help bridge that gap.

This gap bridging comes with the help of ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) thus providing hooks for the existing security protocols and requirements. This ICAP allows us to use the existing DLP and malware protection environments and put them to our use. Due to this, the user can apply their existing operational policies to the CipherCloud environment along with their existing engines.

The new environment made by the CipherCloud’s programmers is being pitched to the online community under the tag of “discover, protect and monitor”. The Cloud Data Discovery is designed to search existing cloud applications to identify malware and other sensitive data and suspicious user activity as well. So basically what it does is search and warrant the online cloud based systems like Dropbox and protect the local system. Under the protection, one can find that the environment offers Searchable Strong Encryption or SSE to AES 256 bits, tokenization, key management as well as the traditional DLP and malware detection components. Another feature of CipherCloud is that it includes NIST SP-800-57-level key management system.

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The observing platform is designed and tested to identify and tag anomalous behavior like excessive downloads as well as keeping an eye on policy violations.