WATCH: ‘X Factor UK’ 2016 Judge Simon Cowell Punches Contestant, Mocks Nicole Scherzinger’s Love Life

WATCH: ‘X Factor UK’ 2016 Judge Simon Cowell Punches Contestant, Mocks Nicole Scherzinger’s Love Life
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Is “X Factor UK” 2016 Judge Simon Cowell switching careers? Or better still, does he have plans of joining the WBC or MMA?


Fans of the hit Brit reality show may be asking this question after the 50-year-old punched finalist Caitlyn Vanbeck smack on the face – albeit accidentally. The incident happened when Caitlyn came rushing for a group hug but instead came crashing into Simon’s extended arm – and fist.

Although the 8-year-old “X Factor UK” 2016 contestant appeared to be hurt by the unexpected blow, she still managed to joke that she just may “press charges” against the show’s top honcho.

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“Yeah, maybe. He’s got a lot of money,” the student from Edinburgh responded when asked by a viewer of “Xtra Factor,”ITV2’s spin-off show, according to the Express.

The business mogul’s punch of the night came at the most unexpected moment – right after he had declared his final selection for the “X Factor UK” 2016’s girl’s category.

Caitlyn had just given a soulful rendition of Rise Up” by Andra Day, a performance that left Nicole Scherzinger in tears.

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Nicole even told Caitlyn that she’d “better take one of those seats home” with her as a prize for her outstanding act.

“You moved me, I just want to thank you for that performance. Thank you,” the former Pussy Cat Doll singer said.

In the meantime, Simon, who has been known throughout his career for his wry sense of humor, trained his guns on Nicole during the “X Factor UK” 2016’s last episode, reported the Telegraph.

This happened when Niall Sexton chose a song called “Run” which was popularized by the American recording artist.

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Louis Walsh was generous in his praise for the boy’s rendition, as he declared: “I prefer your version to Nicole’s.”

The Englishman, however, just couldn’t avoid giving his ten cents worth, as he said “What’s that song called, Run? Now, why do I think of Lewis Hamilton?”

The judges of “X Factor UK” 2016 certainly know how to turn on the heat and keep viewers to their seats.

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