Watch: Vladimir Putin Parody Performed By Slovenian Comedian Goes Viral

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Ever since its release a fortnight ago, a song mocking Russian president Vladimir Putin continues to be admired.


Such is the popularity of the rhythm, performed by Slovenian actor and comedian, Klemen Slakonja, that the song has received in excess of a whopping three million views, which is more than the population of central European Union.

In the video titled “Putin, Putout,” Slakonja portrays the Russian president. While the video has been massively viewed, shared and admired on social media, it also faced criticism from Putin’s supporters, as reported by the International Business Times.

In one of the segments of the video, which was first aired on a Slovenian Eurovision auditions show, Slakonja can be heard singing, “I run this freakin’ show.” Slakonja performs a variety of moves in the video; from being bare-chested and riding a horse, triumphing over chess players, organizing the Winter Olympics Games in 40 degrees, and tranquilizing a tiger.

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Speaking about the song, which is in English, Slakonja said, “I want to connect people so that the people who love it, who love the person I portray, love the video. And the people who hate the person I portray also love the video.”

As reported by the London Free Press, Slakonja is an actor at the Slovenian National Theater. With the popularity he has received on YouTube, he hopes to attract sponsors to support #TheMockingBirdMan, a project of his wherein he mocks and impersonates celebrated personalities. His impersonation of Putin follows a parody he did for Pope Francis in 2013, and will be followed by parodies of the Republican president front runner Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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