Watch: UFO In New Zealand Caught In Video

A video claiming to have captured a UFO sighting has yet again sent the UFO hunter into an overdrive. The video showed a tiny black disc-like object hovering above the clouds at a distance in New Zealand and sending off what seemed like an explosion before disappearing into the thin air.


According to the witness, the UFO was captured on August 2. According to Scott C. Warring of the UFO Sightings Daily, due to the position of the setting sun, the time around the sunset is the most common for UFO sighting.

The video first showed the disc from a distance where it appeared just a dot. A small explosion above the cloud could be seen distinctly in the video.

The video was then digitally magnified for a better view and what appeared to be a black dot initially now took the shape of a black disc. It could still be seen hovering above the clouds after the first explosion, and then there was another burst of bright light in the sky shortly before the UFO floated out of sight.

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There was another UFO sighting in New Zealand at Tauranga Bay of Plenty in March. The incident was reported to Mutual UFO Network the same day. According to the witness, the object was glowing with lights. And while descending, it lit up the whole community.

“I couldn’t sleep as I had several coffees with friends in the afternoon and so was still wide awake as I lay in bed,” the Open Minds quoted the witness as saying. “I noticed a shimmering star changing colors in the distance so went and got my binoculars to look at it more closely.”

At first, the witness thought it was just a glittering star. “However as I returned to my bed after putting the binoculars away, my whole room lit up and I thought, ‘What the hell?’ and as I looked out from my two-story window I saw a huge glowing, bright, lime, greenish yellow orb coming up from a southeast direction,” the witness added.

A few days later on March 30, “an unidentified falling light” was spotted near Nelson at Tasman Bay. According to the file notes released by the Civil Aviation Authority under the Official Information Act, the object descended at a speed faster than an aircraft but slower than a meteor, the New Zealand Herald reported.

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  • Matthew Tyler

    The “Part 2” of the video on the owner’s YouTube channel states that it was shot in Manurewa, New Zealand. Looking due West from Manurewa directly in the flight path for take-offs and approaches at the Auckland International Airport. It’s likely the footage is simply a passenger aircraft. The “burst of light” is the sunlight reflecting off the aircraft as it makes a turn.