Watch: Truck Carrying a UFO Heading to ‘Area 51’ Secret Base?

Watch: Truck Carrying a UFO Heading to ‘Area 51’ Secret Base?
UFO Jonas Bengtsson / Flickr cc
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UFOs nowadays can be spotted just about anywhere, even on the back of a truck! A video released recently showed a truck carrying a disc-shaped object, which apparently looked like an alien UFO.


The video has gone viral within the UFO hunters community, who wonder whether there could be any possibility of the object being an alien spaceship. Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily pointed out that the driver of the truck seemed to be in a hurry. For him, there could be a reasonable motive in doing so.

“This UFO was being hauled by a really run-down semi-truck, and add to the fact that he was moving so fast that he almost hit the overpass as he went under it. He is in a hurry, and having a UFO on your trailer and gov officials waiting for it, it’s no wonder why he is moving so fast,” Waring wrote.

There are also suggestions that the disc could be a crashed UFO being transferred to the military facility at the Nevada desert, known as Area 51. According to conspiracy theorists, the government is secretly protecting evidences of UFO sightings at the facility.

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Waring also suggested that the truck driver may have discovered the object on his farm and decided to take it to the local Airforce base. “Then again, maybe some guy found this landed on his farm and he just wanted to load it up on one of his trucks and take it to the local Air Force Base,” he wrote.

Express UK reported, though, that the viewers of the video weren’t too convinced by the presence of a UFO-like disc on the back of a truck. Some suggested it could be a false video, while some others found it to be some kind of disc-shaped device but not necessarily an alien ship.

“You would have thought if it was a top secret transportation, they would have covered it up or chosen a quieter route,” one of the viewers commented on the video.

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  • Aminor Amajor

    how do they know it’s a flying object?