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WATCH: U-M Researchers Reveal Flaws of Samsung Smart Home

WATCH: U-M Researchers Reveal Flaws of Samsung Smart Home
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WATCH: U-M Researchers Reveal Flaws of Samsung Smart Home

Smart home technology was considered to be one of the best inventions and the initial steps in safeguarding homes with security codes rather than manual key locks. However, this stands to be corrected as a new video circling around the internet exposes the loopholes and flaws that lie in Samsung SmartThings.

The smart technology products by Samsung seem to contain unresolved security flaws which were recently revealed by a team of ‘cybersecurity’ researchers at the University of Michigan. In the video below, we can witness the cybersecurity researcher’s break through Samsung SmartThings by using their “lock-pick malware app”, which was one of the four successful hacks attempted by the team at a SmartThing lock. The hack provides them with access to their electronic locks, change the lock’s “vacation” settings, or worse, set off an false fire alarm and send a notification message to the owner.

Atul Prakash, University of Michigan’s professor of computer science and engineering said, “At least today, with the one public IoT software platform we looked at, which has been around for several years, there are significant design vulnerabilities from a security perspective, I would say it’s okay to use as a hobby right now, but I wouldn’t use it where security is paramount.”

He also expressed the level of threat an owner would circum to by adding, “One way to think about it is if you’d hand over control of the connected devices in your home to someone you don’t trust and then imagine the worst they could do with that and consider whether you’re okay with someone having that level of control.”

The cybersecurity researchers are currently working on fixing these loopholes in the security device. The CEO of SmartThings gave Gizmodo a statement that, “potential vulnerabilities disclosed in the report are primarily dependent on two scenarios – the installation of a malicious SmartApp or the failure of third party developers to follow SmartThings guidelines on how to keep their code secure.” He also said that these new vulnerabilities were addressed in a blog post.

As much as we would like to be dependent on a foolproof security device, it is evident that these new inventions are still filled with vulnerabilities that haven’t been exposed like Samsung’s SmartThings. Perhaps, using this gadget as a fancy additional option wouldn’t be of harm. But, it’s clear that they aren’t quite ready to be used primarily.

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