Watch Touching Moment When Police Stops Man From Jumping Off Bridge

Dashcam video of a dramatic incident shows the moment when a New Jersey police officer stops a man from committing suicide.


Riverdale Police Sergeant Greg Bogert was responding to a call about a man walking in and out of traffic on I-287. Upon arriving at the scene, Bogert found the disturbed man upset and crying, then walking towards the edge of the overpass.

“I got about half way up there, and phone calls started coming in that he was running into traffic,” Bogert said. “I pull up, and I start to open up the door…The window’s open, and I’m trying to talk to him, because I didn’t want him to panic and take off on me.”

Asking the man to calm down, he made a run for the edge of the bridge, as shown in the video. Bogert followed him, screaming, “Don’t do it! Don’t do it,” before catching up to him and pinning him to the ground.

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“As I was opening the door, he focused on the edge of the bridge,” Bogert said. “I just started screaming, ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it,’ and just ran as fast as I could to stop him from jumping.”

The man was subsequently taken into custody then to the hospital. As reported by NBC New York, he is currently receiving treatment.

“You don’t have time to think about it,” Bogert said, as reported by “Things happen so fast, you just have to react.”

The incident, captured in a dashcam video, has been viewed by millions of people. A lady, whose family member had committed suicide, posted a comment of appreciation on Facebook, thanking the police officer for rescuing another person from doing the same.

According to the police, the overpass close to exit 55 is not known for suicides.

Bogert has served on the police force for 18 years. Previously, he served in the Air Force. He was the recipient of a commendation in 2010 for reviving a child who had stopped breathing. A year later, he received a gallantry bar for the capture of a murder suspect.

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