WATCH: Starbucks Employee Delivers Free Coffee And Food To Cops And First Responders Following Chelsea Explosion

WATCH: Starbucks Employee Delivers Free Coffee And Food To Cops And First Responders Following Chelsea Explosion
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One Starbucks store manager decided he would do what he can to help first responders and officers from the New York Police Department following an explosion in Chelsea that injured as much as 29 people.


The explosion on Saturday left everybody in the Chelsea neighborhood shaken. Both residences and several businesses had to be evacuated after a pressure cooker device blew windows out of some of the buildings in the area.

In a Starbucks store in 23rd Street and 5th Avenue, evacuation was also underway and Starbucks manager Germaine Zolkos was also trying to get hold of two of his baristas to inform them that the store had been closed down, but to no avail.

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Eventually, Zolkos managed to meet with them before proceeding to tell his district manager that everyone was safe and had been accounted for. Afterwards, Zolkos immediately shifted his focus on how to help several personnel whose job it is to put their lives at risk for the sake of helping and saving others.

Hurriedly, Zolkos made his way to another Starbucks store to pick up three 96 fluid ounce coffee travelers along with some cups of milk. At the same time, he also collected as many scones and muffins that the store could spare.

With all the goodies and coffee in the bag, Zolkos then made his way to a nearby police command post to give the officers his care package. In a video, Zolkos was telling them how he wished he could do more. The first responders and officers were grateful for the food and drink.

As for Zolkos, he believes that what he did was not much special to this day. “I like to care for others, so this was just natural for me. Anyone who comes into my store and other Starbucks around New York City gets this same kind of personal attention. It’s who we all are,” he says.

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