Watch: Shaq’s Ex-Wife Shaunie O’Neal Blasts Ayesha Curry For ‘Rigged’ Remarks

Shaquille O’Neal’s former wife has taken a shot at Ayesha Curry regarding the celebrated ‘rigged’ remarks she made during the recently concluded NBA Finals. While the outburst was seen more than an emotional one, Shaunie O’Neal is the latest person to dig up that controversial instance.


Shaunie weighed in on the controversial tweet via TMZ. Like the reasoning of many, she begged to ask why the issue cropped up only when his hubby, reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry, lost.

“Was it rigged when your husband was winning … or was it just rigged when he was losing? ‘Cause the tweet only came when he lost. So I just want to know was it rigged?”

Regrettable emotional outburst

As mentioned earlier, the whole social media issue is seen as nothing more like a knee-jerk effect. It shows how involved Ayesha Curry was with the game, particularly because of her husband.

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Being a high-profile individual thanks to her husband, Ayesha may have been better off keeping her emotional side in check. She did offer remorse for that unfortunate incident but the damage has already been done. The backlash seemed to die down following her tweet, but Shaunie is still aware of that incident.

Better quiet than sorry

Right now, it is unlikely that Ayesha Curry will respond to Shaunie’s remarks. In fact it would be best if she avoids digging up the issue once more. The latest potshot is seen as only normal considering a controversial claim (or tweet) like that is bound to come with aftershocks.

Shaunie will appear once again on “The Preachers,” a Fox talk show and will hopefully avoid touching on the matter once more. Ayesha Curry has since been mum and quiet, focusing on making dishes via her YouTube channel.

Other than that, here is hoping that Ayesha doesn’t let her emotional side get the best of her next season, especially with the Golden State Warriors under a lot of heat following the addition of Kevin Durant.

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