Watch As Russia Attacks ISIS With Supersonic Missiles From Submarine

Watch As Russia Attacks ISIS With Supersonic Missiles From Submarine

The Russian Armed Forces attacked the ISIS using its Kalibr supersonic cruise missile launched from Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines positioned in the Mediterranean. According to General of the Army, Sergei Shoigu, this was the first time missiles against the ISIS were launched aboard a submarine.


In his report to President Vladimir Putin, Shoigu emphasized that the launch of the supersonic missiles was carried out from underwater position. He said the attacks destroyed significant infrastructures being run by the barbaric ISIS.

“For the first time Kalibr cruise missiles were launched by the Rostov-on-Don submarine from underwater position from the Mediterranean Sea,” Shoigu told Mr. Putin. He also reported that the Russian aircraft conducting airstrikes in Syria had performed over 300 sorties and had obliterated over 600 targets of different type.

As a result of Turkey’s downing of the Russian aircraft on Nov. 24, all Russian flights participating in the fight against the ISIS are carried out under the coverage of fighter aviation, the Su-30Sm, Shoigu added. Russia had ramp up its airstrikes in Syria following the incident. Mr. Putin has exchanged heated accusations with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the weeks that followed.

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Relations between Turkey and Russia had since become severely tensed. Just this weekend, a Russian soldier aboard their warship was photographed aiming a missile towards Turkey as they passed along its border.

On Wednesday, Shoigu told Mr. Putin that a flight data recorder from the downed Su-24M bomber was already retrieved. The Syrian Task Force of the Syrian Army found the place where the aircraft had hit the ground. Mr. Putin then ordered for the flight data to be opened with assistance from the foreign specialists in order to document everything that could be found. Through the flight recorder, experts will be able to define the bomber’s flight trajectory and location at the moment of being eliminated. “That means that we will understand its location and the reason why the Turkish Air Force had hit us in the back,” Mr. Putin said.