WATCH: Rougned Odor Punches Jose Bautista

Rougned Odor and Jose Bautista came to blows Sunday during the final game of the MLB season between the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays.


The incident occurred in the eighth inning when Bautista crashed into Odor legs with a hard slide, infuriating the Rangers infielder. An outraged Odor landed a punch to Bautista’s face, propelling both teams to rush to the field to stop the fistfight behind the bag. |Final Box Score|

“I was pretty surprised (that he punched me). I mean, obviously, that’s the only reason that he got me, and he got me pretty good, so I have to give him that. It takes a little bit bigger man to knock me down,” said Bautista, who destroyed the Rangers during last year’s AL Division Series, with a batting average of .273 with two home runs and five RBI.

Rougned Odor bitter about ALDS?

It seemed like a lot of bad blood was carried forward from last year’s ALDS which saw Bautista’s Blue Jays won to advance to the World Series after a highly completive series against the Rangers.

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Sunday’s incident occurred when Bautista was struck by a pitch from Matt Buss. Two batters later, the Blue Jays slugger slid into second base to make contact with Odor. “I had a hard slide at second base. I could have injured (Odor, but) I chose not to. I tried to send a message that I didn’t appreciate getting hit (by the pitch),” said Bautista, insisting that he took the high road against Odor.

Rougned Odor avoids reporters..

According to ESPN, Odor avoided reporters after the game which the Rangers eventually won by a 7-6 margin. Blue Jays manager John Gibbons slammed Odor for not apologizing for his actions. “It was ugly and unfortunate. To me, it was gutless. The other 29 teams, they come at you right away, but to wait until the end, it just sort of tells you something. Everybody is going to say, ‘Oh, it was a one-run game. The ball got away.’ That ain’t going to fly.”

After the game, Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman slammed Rougned Odor for his actions.