Watch: This Is How One Dad Gives A Lesson On Empathy Using A Cheeseburger

Watch: This Is How One Dad Gives A Lesson On Empathy Using A Cheeseburger
Doyin Richards with kids, Emiko and Reiko YouTube
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If you have kids, you have probably experienced a tantrum scene. Your kids goes into a crying and shouting mode. It’s easy to get carried away, but Doyin Richards has done it with coolness.


Doyin was out with his kids, Emiko and Reiko. Their day was turning out just fine until his youngest, Emiko threw a tantrum.

If you were Doyin, what would you do?

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Many parents worry about this, especially when their kids become the barometer for behavior. You feel like everyone is looking at you and passing judgment on how your parenting style sucks because your kid behaves “badly” in public.

No wonder some parents end up giving in to the whining child, just to “save face.” In reality, this move spells the making of a “spoiled brat.” In the long run, the child would grow up thinking that he or she can get anything just by whining. Not a good habit to nurture, right?

Doyin knows this for a fact so he wants to make sure that her daughters remember an important lesson: empathy.

In their case, Reiko was crying and asking something from Emiko. Will Doyin buy a new cheeseburger for Reiko? How would Emiko react from her sister’s request?

Watch their cute video and see how Doyin imparted an important lesson on empathy with a simple cheeseburger.

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