WATCH: New York Rangers Star Henrik Lundqvist Knocks Over Net Against Pittsburgh Penguins

Henrik Lundqvist and the New York Rangers have dominated the Pittsburgh Penguins in recent match-ups.


Prior to Thursday’s game, Lundqvist had allowed only three goals on Pittsburgh’s previous 119 goal attempts against him. Also, Lundqvist was instrumental in the Rangers beating the Penguins in their previous two playoff series. Clearly, Lundqvist had the Penguins’ number.

On Thursday, midway through the second frame, the Penguins forced Lundqvist from his net to try and execute a play on the punk. Just then, Rangers defender Ryan McDonagh plowed right into Lundqvist and allowed the Penguins to score.

Henrik Lundqvist’s wrath..

Lundqvist wasn’t going to stand by and let this happen. At first, he stared down the referees, looking for a whistle. When he didn’t get his wish, Lundqvist unleashed his fury on the net behind him. (Watch Video Above). Eventually, the Penguins prevailed with a 4-1 victory.

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It was a hilarious moment for sports fans, but maybe not so much for Rangers fans. Could someone tell Lundqvist that taking out your anger on the net can result in severe disciplinary action? Especially when it’s your own teammate who caused the ruckus.

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After arguing his case to the officials, who weren’t buying any of it, Lundqvist got a two-minute penalty. Don’t be surprised if the NHL intervenes and slaps him with a one-game or two-game ban.

Misdirected at refs?

After the game, Rangers coach Alain Vigneault speculated that his star player’s anger was misdirected. “I think he was trying to telling the referee that he was hurt,” Vigneault said when asked about the outrageous play. “I don’t know if signals didn’t cross or what, but obviously the referee didn’t pick up on it and he wasn’t feeling right at that time. He decided to stay in then but he couldn’t finish the game,” added the Rangers coach.

Henrik Lundqvist is typically a cool, calm and collected individual. Therefore, this was a very uncharacteristic outburst from the Swede. Here’s hoping that the Rangers and Penguins square off in the playoffs again.

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