Watch: New Victor Frankenstein Trailer; Who Plays Victor In Frankenstein?; More Revelations

Watch the trailer for the new version of Mary Shelley’s 1818 horror novel, “Frankenstein.” Daniel Radcliffe plays the troubled assistant, Igor, but his character is very different from the original version. Who plays Victor Frankenstein? What character portrayal does he show? Find out below.

Directed by Paul McGuigan, the movie takes on Igor, played by Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe said in an interview with Collider,


“One of the biggest differences between us and other Frankenstein’s will be that, generally speaking, the main relationship is between Frankenstein and the monster and the monster is created in the middle of the movie, and in our version it’s created right at the end and the journey up to that is really about how we come to that eventual idea. I’ve heard other people call it kind of an origin story for Frankenstein, but it’s an origin story for a Frankenstein you have never met before, if that helps.”

He further said that fans who loved the book will definitely love the movie.

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Victor Frankenstein’s new take

Unlike the story as told in the novel, Igor is not hunchback here. In fact, The Verge even commented that the characters were unlike what was portrayed in the novel or the original movie, and that they were “hot.”

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So who plays the role of the medical student, Victor Frankenstein? You can remember that Deadline once reported how the search for the perfect actor to play the role had ended with James McAvoy. In fact, there were other options like Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire), and Toby Kebbell, but it was McAvoy who fit the role of the mad character who wants to create life using his own hands.

For those who want to see the monster created by Frankenstein, you will have to wait until all the backstories of the characters have been revealed. Radcliffe mentioned that you won’t be able to see the creature, until almost the end of the movie, something new McGuigan and screenplay write, Mark Landis, had in mind.

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