Watch: NBA 2K16 Recreates Stephen Curry’s Amazing Game-Winner

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The basketball world is still buzzing about Stephen Curry’s mind-boggling 32-foot game winner against Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night. The entire sequence has been immortalized by a Youtube user via NBA 2K16.


Shady00018, the Youtube user, does an amazing job of capturing the look and feel of the shot heard around the world. What’s more? He has relayed the original ABC commentary with the perfect camera angles and Curry’s famous dance moves. It was a job well done (Watch Video Above).

Curry’s teammate, Draymond Green, said after the famous win: “When he (Curry) pulled up, he looked like, ‘Ah, whatever, it’s going in.”

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Of course, it wasn’t the perfect remake. For starters, it was Andre Roberson who tried to contest Curry’s heave, and not Russell Westbrook, as captured in the 2K16 video. Also, Enes Kanter was on the bench during the real life possession. In all honesty, the minor errors can be pardoned since the user does such an incredible job of recreating the same scores and the near-identical finish.

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More effective in real life?

Curry’s 3-pt sliders got a major boost too, as expected. At times, it’s hard to differentiate between real life and 2K16 because Curry seems to shoot more efficiently in actual games. Those who religiously play NBA 2K16 can relate to this. If you have mastered the game, it’s not too difficult to get up in Curry’s face with a lockdown perimeter defender such as Kawhi Leonard.

On Saturday, Curry also broke the league record for most threes in a season – breaking his previous record of 286. With 24 games still left in the season, Curry is threatening to hit close to 400 three-pointers. Simply amazing.

“It was one of those oh-my-God kind of breakout moments,” Eric Zweig, an author and hockey historian, told New York Times. “Nobody had done anything close to that kind of thing before.”

“Curry can find spaces where it’s almost impossible for defenders to cover him,” added Zweig.

If you’re playing online, you should note that NBA 2K16 has pretty much made the Golden State Warriors invincible. The only real chance to beat them is to play with the historic 2001-02 Los Angeles Lakers of 1995-96 Chicago Bulls.

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