Watch: Lion Attacks Baby On Live TV!

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A video showing a lion attacking a baby on live TV has gone viral.


The terrifying clip was a scene from an episode of the Mexican TV show “Con Sello de Mujer.” It has captivated the attention of several people after it surfaced on YouTube.

In the footage, a toddler and her mother are shown sitting with the host of the TV show. A lion is sitting on the ground – with its two trainers – beside the baby.

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The toddler starts crying which, as reported by CBS 12, brings the lion’s attention to the child. After the animal turns towards the toddler, it leaps and clutches the child’s legs with its claws and mouth. The lion also rips off the child’s pants.

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Witnessing the horrifying incident, the mother attempts to pull her daughter from the animal – only to aggravate the animal even more. Meanwhile the two trainers with the lion are also trying to keep it away from the toddler. At the same time, they can be heard in the video, saying in Spanish, “Relax, relax, relax. Don’t move.”

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As reported by Mirror, the pair was able to pull the kid away from the animal – perhaps because it was young.

The mother, host and the trainers can be seen laughing after the kid was successfully pulled away.

The video that documented this incident has been circulating around the internet. Several mothers and trained wildlife experts said the clip had upset them.

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