Watch: Lakers Fan Changes Into Warriors Fan Mid-Game

Watch: Lakers Fan Changes Into Warriors Fan Mid-Game
Los Angeles Lakers Michael / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Lakers fans don’t have much reason to be optimistic about the future.  Watch the video below as one such fan switches jerseys midway through the Lakers-Warriors game Tuesday night.


The Lakers (8-28) are set to miss the postseason for a third consecutive time. Their franchise player, Kobe Bryant, is about to retire. No 2 overall draft pick D’Angelo Russell hasn’t shown signs of a future All-Star. Their coach is reportedly unhappy with the attitude of Julius Randle.

Clearly, fans of the Purple & Gold are seeking greener pastures.

There hasn’t  been a shortage of bandwagon fans, especially since the Golden State Warriors began dominating the California basketball scene since the beginning of last season.

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Back in September, Warriors forward Harrison Barnes made a very interesting remark. Barnes said that a few years ago, when the Lakers were still contenders and the Warriors were barely in the playoff picture, many Bay Area fans switched loyalty to the Purple & Gold during the postseason. “I’m a Warriors fan for the regular season, but the Lakers in the playoffs,” Barnes told ESPN radio.

Barnes was right. But now, the tables have turned. Slowly but surely, many Lakers fans are converting to Warriors fans and even Clippers fans.