WATCH: Justice League Movie Trailer Starring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Other Superheroes

WATCH: Justice League Movie Trailer Starring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Other Superheroes
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Since last month DECU has been satisfying fan’s craving for details on Justice League movie. Although the production and casting team have confirmed to appear at San Diego Comic-Con this year, expecting a trailer from them might be a far-fetched dream for the audience.


For now we can expect the team to confirm speculations on Steppenwolf and Darkseid, the mysterious role of Julian Lewis Jones and other character and plot details. Nevertheless we can also expect the team to release a short teaser for Justice League if we are lucky.

Meanwhile, a fan has taken the time to create a Justice League movie trailer. While it’s obvious that our expectations would be pretty low for the video, the footage has been perfectly edited and synced with all our superheroes including Green Lantern. You can check it out below.

In other news, Yesterday we came across an image on Instagram, which suggested seven Justice League members in the movie. If true, there are possibilities that Green Lantern could appear in a cameo role. Furthermore, after the release of Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition, there have been speculations that connect the dots between Suicide Squad and Justice League movie.

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While the big reveal did provide us with initial details of our superheroes in the movie, it is still too early to speculate it any further. Justice League is still under production and its release date has been set for November 17th, 2017.

For now, fans can be excited about Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. Earlier, we came across important details on the plot of Wonder woman. The Amazon princess’s story line seems to be much similar to DC animated films.

On a lighter note, fans can take a look at a digitally altered image of the Man of Steel. His looks seem to portray his resurrected image that we can expect in Justice League movie.

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