Watch ISIS Video of UK Spies Execution, ISIS Threatens Britain This Time

Watch ISIS Video of UK Spies Execution, ISIS Threatens Britain This Time

A video has emerged allegedly showing a masked ISIS member with a British accent threatening the United Kingdom and referring to Prime Minister David Cameron as an “imbecile” and a slave to the White House. But the most chilling part about the video is that it stars a young boy, aged 5 or so, who speaks with a UK accent. The child has also spoken of a warning saying he along with the ISIS will kill the thenonbelievers of Islam. Watch the ISIS video below.


Warning: Very graphic content.

If you want to watch the video of ISIS, you will see five men accused of spying for the UK are lined up kneeling. The alleged spies are dressed in orange jumpsuits. They confess guilty about spying for the UK . The executioner, believed to be the new Jihadi John, shouts “Allahu Akbar” before he and four other ISIS members shoot the captives point blank.

A child who speaks with a distinct British accent is also shown in the video. The child, aged about five years old, is wearing the ISIS bandana and is dressed in camouflage. He points to a distance and says,”We will killkuffar (nonbelievers) over there.”

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The new Jihadi John recites a message addressed to Mr. Cameron. “This is a message to David Cameron, oh slave of the White House, oh mule of the Jews. One would have thought you would have learnt the lessons from your pathetic master in Washington and his failed campaign against Islamic State. But it seems that you, like your predecessors Blair and Brown, are just as arrogant and foolish. In fact David you are more of an imbecile,” according to the transcript of the video from

“But as for those of you who wish to continue fighting under the banner of Cameron on the minimum wage, we say to you, to ask yourself, do you really think your government will care about you when you come into our hands? Or will they abandon you, as they have abandoned these spies, and those who came before them? Because you will lose this war, as you lost in Iraq and Afghanistan,”the transcript goes. “But this time when you lose, your children will pay for your deeds. And remember you as the fools who thought they could fight the Islamic State,” the new Jihadi John warns.

Want to watch the ISIS video below?


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