WATCH: Girl Runs To Military Father, Hugs Him During Homecoming Ceremony

WATCH: Girl Runs To Military Father, Hugs Him During Homecoming Ceremony
Oregon National Guard The National Guard / Flickr CC BY 2.0

A little girl wearing an American-themed outfit stole the show at a homecoming for the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, from Fort Carson, Colorado, when she ran up to her father, Lieutenant Daniel Oglesby, to hug him during the ceremony.


When Karis Oglesby, 2, approached her dad, he bent down and gave her a hug and then nudged her to return to her seat. Seeing his daughter running towards him, he “was trying to decide whether or not it was good practice to break formation, but I didn’t have the heart in me to not give my little baby a hug,” he said, as reported by FOX 21 News.

The heartwarming scene was captured in a video, which can be viewed here.

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“I wasn’t worried about maintaining the integrity of the formation,” Oglesby said. “The homecoming ceremony is all about our families who’ve had to sacrifice eight, almost nine, months without their loved ones. I was so happy to see my awesome little girl.”

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Oglesby said that his daughters – Karis, and a four-year-old, Layla – and their mother “are going to be the bosses around here” for some time. He also said, “Whatever I can do to make up for the lost time, I’ll do. Whatever they want, I’ll get it for them.”

As reported by TIME, Oglesby was part of a troop of 300 soldiers that served for eight to nine months in southwest Asia.

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