Watch: ‘Finding Dory’ Spoiler Revealed!

Watch: ‘Finding Dory’ Spoiler Revealed!
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The latest trailer for Finding Dory hints that the character would be on a quest to find the rest of her family, which, in fact, would be a struggle for someone who barely remembers anything. However, major spoilers have been revealed when Bandai showcased two audio-toys available in the market before the film hits theaters this June.


The recent trailer of “Finding Dory” hints that the film will revolve around her journey to find her family. In fact, the forgetful Dory is seen remembering something – a factor that barely happens in her life. This realization triggers her to take on a journey and find the rest of her school.

According to Hey Guys, the latest spoiler for the film can be found in the two audio-toys from Bandai. In fact, it was seen that Dory had a tag on her fin – a factor that may be the key to finding her family. This was not apparent when she was featured in “Finding Nemo.”

Furthermore, Forbes reports that the licensed products would also be available in a LEGO set. The said set would feature the character that ooze of “soothing ocean sounds,” which could be the best tool to use in putting children to sleep.

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However, the talking Dory version would say lines delivered by the character herself in the upcoming “Finding Dory” movie. These lines include, “My parents, I remember them,” as well as, “Churros, churros, churros,” and “I think you swim really well.”

This product is called “The Whispering Waves Dory,” which will be available for purchase this May 1 at $19.99.

Catch Finding Dory on theaters this June 17, 2016.