WATCH: DOOM Gameplay Reaches 100 FPS In GTX1080

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Last week, Bethesda revealed the launch trailer of DOOM, showing a short 1:02 minute gameplay that immersed viewers into its new “brutal single-player campaign” and gave us a peak at the monster we’d be going up against.


While fans wait to grab their copy today, Nvidia decided to give a glimpse of the gory game played on the new GPU GTX1080. The advanced graphics rendered in-game and its fluidity are too good to be true.

According to dsogaming, DOOM was running using the Vulkan API (latest update). The site also reported that the new GPU exceeded the game’s framerate above 100 FPS based on ID software results. During some instances, the FPS could reach 195 and more.

Marty Stratton, in an interview by TIME, spoke about the transformation of the game from its previous generation. “We wanted to make something that had a familiarity to people who’ve played our past games.

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“It’s a pace and a feel of the weapons. These things tend to be classified in the arena shooter space, so things like no weapon reloading and bounce pads and map flow. But it’s a pretty broad definition, and what we tried to do was give people an experience that right off the bat they could have a ton of fun with, that they’d feel is familiar but also modern, that takes into account modern sensibilities about games.”

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