Watch Deadpool Mock NFL Payers In Superbowl 50 TV Spot

Watch Deadpool Mock NFL Payers In Superbowl 50 TV Spot
Deadpool via Facebook
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Deadpool, or the Merc with a Mouth of the Marvel Comics franchise, just can’t stop mocking everyone in the series of videos as a marketing strategy. Last night, the Superbowl 50 trailer of the upcoming movie directed its target right at the National Football League players.


Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, appeared in a TV spot for Superbowl 50 wherein he referred to the NFL players as the men who has the ability to “have children all over the world,” as reported by Cinema Blend.

Despite his condescending remarks, it’s no surprise that the character could deliver nasty side comments. In fact, red-band trailers prior to the event also whiplashed personalities such as Rosie O’ Donnell and the X-Men; he even bit at Australia for producing Wolverine’s actor, Hugh Jackman.

In other news, CNBC reports that “Deadpool,” being the first Marvel Comics movie to release in theaters this year, could be the one that could elevate the fan base for the rest of the upcoming Marvel films this year.

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According to comScore senior media analyst, Paul Dergarabedian, “This may be the first movie of 2016 that kind of elevates everything, and gets that box office momentum charged.” He added, “Fans – particularly comic book fans – are very much about the back story, the pedigree and the authenticity of those involved.”

The movie will showcase the main character, Wade Wilson, an ex-special forces soldier who was first featured in the film, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” When he was diagnosed with cancer from all points of his body, particularly his organs, he volunteered to be part of a super-secret government program. In doing so, little did he know that the government planned to experiment on him using painful surgical processes.

When Wade was able to escape, he becomes Deadpool, on the hunt to track down the doctor who was responsible for his painful journey and who detached him from the love if his life, Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin.

Catch Deadpool in theaters this February 12, 2016.