Watch: Cop Shoots Charles Kinsey, Black Caretaker Caring For Autistic Man Playing With Toy Car!

Watch: Cop Shoots Charles Kinsey, Black Caretaker Caring For Autistic Man Playing With Toy Car!

A black man working at a mental health center went looking for a 23-year-old autistic man when he was shot by cops.


The 23-year-old autistic man playing with a toy truck went out of the mental health center into the streets on Monday. Worker Charles Kinsey went to get him back. According to Miami Herald, police might have mistaken the toy for a gun, and it led to a big misunderstanding, which led to the police firing shots, hitting the black man on the leg.

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After the shooting was reported, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded to the scene. The venue is located by a group home near Northeast 14th Avenue and 127th Street.

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Kinsey, along with other witnesses, said that law enforcement officials made a big mistake in the case. Hilton Napoleon, who would be representing Kinsey in court, said that his client makes his living by working with the disabled.

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“He tried to explain that this is a mental health patient, that he was trying to get him back into the facility,” Napoleon said. “There was no need for firearms. He put his hands up, told them he was unarmed.”

It was reported by WSVN that after the shooting, Kinsey was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. He is now recovering from wounds that are not life-threatening.

Napoleon had retrieved a cellphone video showing the whole ordeal. The footage clearly shows that the autistic man was sitting on the road while playing with his toy.

In the video, Kinsey was dressed in a yellow shirt and shorts. The black man obeyed police orders when they asked him to lie down on his back.

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