Ashley Graham Maxim Cover No Photoshopping, Photographer Says

Ashley Graham Maxim Cover No Photoshopping, Photographer Says
Ashley Graham LOVE Magazine/ Flickr CC BY

When Ashley Graham shared her sexy cover photo for the April issue of “Maxim” magazine, allegations spread saying it was Photoshopped. The photographer himself now rejects the speculation.


While fans never directed their comments to the 28-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, they appeared unstoppable from hurling their opinions against the magazine’s production team. According to those who saw the picture, Graham failed as an endorser of natural beauty because her picture was Photoshopped to make her look slimmer.

According to Us Magazine, fans disliked how Graham looked too good on the cover. “Definitely photoshopped,” one follower stated about the cover photo of Ashley Graham, which reads, “Natural Beauty Turned Brand Builder.”

“That is unfortunate after everything you stand for Ashley.. your curves are gorgeous and Maxim should not have minimize who you are…shame on them!” the said commenter added.

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Another irate fan said it has become no use to feature a plus-size model when the picture is just going to be edited. “A shame they photoshopped her to appear slimmer. They should have left her be. What’s the point of featuring a plus size model on the cover if they’re just going to make her look like the generic girls you see on their magazine,” the fan said.

Amid strong speculation raised by a number of fans, the photographer behind the sexy shots of Ashley Graham insisted that they did not undergo post-processing at all, as reported by E Online.

“I shoot this image of Ashley, and we don’t slimmer her at all!!!” French photographer Gilles Bensimon pointed out. “Sorry because you sound so convinced.”

Photoshopped or not, the famous model was obviously happy and proud of the outcome of her latest shoot. She shared a total of four sexy shots on social media, along with the hashtag #beautybeyondsize. Graham also showed her love for the photographer by commenting “<3uGilles!” on his account.

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