Warriors Could Trade Draymond Green If Bad Boy Image Persists, Says Stephen A Smith

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Draymond Green, perennially in the news for the wrong reasons, is on thin ice with the Golden State Warriors. And if Green continues to tread on his current path, the 2015 champions could be forced to trade the versatile forward, according to popular ESPN analyst Stephen A Smith.


Green has been apologizing to Warriors fans and teammates for the better part of the year. After escaping a suspension for allegedly kicking Steven Adams in the groin, Green got himself suspended for the crucial closeout Game 5 of the NBA Finals, which allowed LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers to storm back into the series and win Game 7 at Oracle Arena.

Draymond Green can’t stay out of trouble

A month after the Finals, Green got arrested for allegedly slapping a MSU football player. The all-star was booked into jail and later released on a $200 bond. Green reached a plea agreement with the victim but not before tarnishing his image, yet again.

And now, Green is in the news for accidently posting a picture of his penis on social media. “It was a situation where it was meant to be a private message. I hit the wrong button. Sucks. It was meant to be private,” said Green, who is currently getting ready for the Rio Olympics with Team USA.

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According to Yahoo Sports, “the Snapchat fiasco comes at time when Green was using the social media tool as an instrument to have fun with his Olympic teammates. He’s captured Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Paul George and DeMarcus Cousins while they were sleeping, and Irving and Jimmy Butler singing Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” to the disdain of Carmelo Anthony.”

It’s all in fun and games. But how long before the Warriors grow sick of Green’s antics?

Warriors can turn on Draymond Green

“I wat to tell Draymond Green. Consider this as a warning: if you continue to tread on this path, the Warriors would turn you on in the blink of an eye,” Smith said on Monday’s edition of First Take. (Watch Video Above)

When asked if Green would last the next season with the Warriors, Smith said: “I don’t know. I’m thinking about it because of the people I know in that organization (Warriors). I love Draymond Green, the player and the person. I’d always want him on my team.

“Do not think for one second that they won’t turn against you in a flash. The Warriors have Kevin Durant now. Draymond has the requisite skills that compliment Durant, Curry and Klay Thompson. But it also diminishes the need for him (Green) if he becomes too problematic,” added Smith.

Smith said that the Warriors want to protect their image. “Joe Lacob (the owner) wants to set a standard of excellence, wants the Warriors to be flagbearers of the league. Steve Kerr is a fantastic guy. Stephen Curry is an absolute gentleman.

“At the end of the day, any organization that believes you (Green) are compromising their money and bottom line because of image issues, ultimately will turn on you if you’re not careful,” said Smith.

Draymond Green averaged 14 points, 9.5 rebounds and 7.4 assists last season. He made his first All NBA Second Team, his second All Defensive Frist Team and first All-Star team for an outstanding season that culminated with the Warriors winning a record 73 games.