Warriors Trading Shaun Livingston For Nerlens Noel?

Warriors Trading Shaun Livingston For Nerlens Noel?
Shaun LivingstonKeith Allison/ Flickr cc
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What's This?

The Golden State Warriors are desperate for a rim protector in the aftermath of Andrew Bogut’s exit. According to a league source, they aren’t opposed to the idea of trading Shaun Livingston for Nerlens Noel.


The Philadelphia 76ers have openly acknowledged that Noel, the third-year center, has been on the trading block since June’s NBA Draft.

Noel, himself, has vented his frustration over the Sixers’ logjam in the frontcourt rotation.

This offseason, the Warriors added centers Zaza Pachulia and JaVale McGee to try and fill the void left by Bogut.

However, their preseason Global Series game against the Toronto Raptors this past Saturday proved that Golden State is far from the elite defensive unit that reached the previous two NBA Finals.

Even though Bogut didn’t receive too much playing time as the starting center, since the Warriors preferred to close out games with Draymond Green at the 5, the Australian was still a pivotal piece to their success.

Nerlens Noel to Warriors?

Noel, who becomes a restricted free agent next year, could be the ideal rim protector that the Warriors need.

The athletic 6-foot-11 Kentucky product has the ability to guard multiple positions and will fit in nicely with coach Steve Kerr’s defensive schemes which involves a lot of switching.

ESPN’s Ethan Sherwood Strauss, who covers the Warriors, admitted after Saturday’s game that the team looked disjointed and lacked chemistry against the Raptors.

Meanwhile, the Sixers could now be reluctant to trade Noel after rookie Ben Simmons’ freak injury and the fact that Joel Embiid doesn’t look NBA-ready during scrimmages.

“I’m here to do my job and play as hard as I can play for the city of Philadelphia. I’ve always loved the fans from the jump. It’s probably one of the realest cities in the country with just genuine passion and love for the sport,” Noel told the Philadelphia Inquirer last week.

According to the Big Lead, Noel can breathe easier about his future in Philadelphia but it depends on how quickly Embiid is ready to start games.

Patrick McCaw replacing Livingston?

ESPN’s Trade Machine has approved the swap between Nerlens Noel and Shaun Livingston.

Typically, the Warriors would be reluctant to trade Livingston, Stephen Curry’s primary backup point guard.

However, the emergence of rookie Patrick McCaw and the fact that Livingston approaches free agency next year could propel the Warirors to pull the trigger on the proposed trade.

Also, the Sixers are still searching for quality players in their backcourt rotation. Livingston could be the perfect starting point guard, a possible upgrade from Jerryd Bayless.

After Saturday’s preseason game, Curry showered praise on McCaw, a second-round pick in this year’s draft.

“Play-making inside the paint, drive off passes, finding the open game, obviously defensively knows where to be, knocking down jump shots.” Curry said of McCaw.

“He’s got a lot of promise. He’s going to help us this year for sure. I like his confidence. He doesn’t say much, he’s very quiet, but when you see his body language, he looks like he belongs and that’s half the battle right there. “

Should the Warriors trade Shaun Livingston for Nerlens Noel?


  • Phillyphanatic

    Cus the sixers really need a non shooting point guard..

    • urgelt

      Don’t underrate Livingston. He has a hot hand in the mid-range and many other valuable skills, and he’s playing at the peak of his career. No, he won’t be league MVP, but he’s a serious asset, and on most teams, he’d be a welcome starter.

      The reasons to avoid a trade involving Livingston are all in the other direction. None of Philly’s centers can replace Bogut. If Philly were to trade one of them, he’d just be a less-than-stellar center on a GSW team that already has four of them – three with tons of experience and one young guy whose upside potential isn’t yet known (but might be quite good).

      Livingston will probably go to another team in free agency next summer for a much bigger salary. But this is the 2016-2017 season, and GSW wants to get a championship now, while they have Durant and Curry on contract. Livingston can help with that.

      In the NBA, you have to know when to build and when to execute. GSW is done building. Now it’s time to show what they can do with what they have.

  • 4Oceans

    Jus cause SL ain’t a 3….he is deadly from 15-ft. Basically unstoppable. Has been amazing to watch as a dub.

  • urgelt

    Bah. I think the chemistry problem will sort itself out. GSW is well-coached, they have talent.

    Curry and Thompson need to shake off the rust. Until they do, LIvingston is indispensible. After they do, he’ll still be able to pull a big load. GSW loses almost nothing by resting either Curry or Thompson with Livingston available.

    Livingston has a sweet, difficult-to-defend mid-range jump shot that usually goes in, he’s a good ball-handler and defender, he passes intelligently and cuts to the basket intelligently, and he’s healthy. He adds an awful lot to GSW.

    Bogut can’t be replaced by any of Philadelphia’s centers – not a single one. But GSW is engineering a style of play where it may not be as necessary. They aren’t a small team. Thompson and Livingston are both oversized guards, Green plays like a much bigger man, Durant is 6’11” and can play any position at all, and they do have some centers to rotate in and out, enough of them to keep fresh centers, mostly experienced centers, in the game.

    McGee might surprise everyone. I don’t think we know what his upside potential is yet.

    But the game is moving towards making the backcourt more important and centers less important. GSW is right to invest in their backcourt. Livingston is a piece of that backcourt strategy, and he’s playing at his peak right now. I don’t look for GSW to trade him. He can help them get back to the finals, and that’s exactly where they want to go.

  • rioderek

    Sounds like a great trade