Warriors Rumors: Trouble Brewing In Golden State? Klay Thompson Could Be In Kevin Love-Like Situation

Warriors Rumors: Trouble Brewing In Golden State? Klay Thompson Could Be In Kevin Love-Like Situation
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Klay Thompson might be the Kevin Love of the Golden State Warriors. His uncompromising mentality could disrupt the team’s chemistry, especially now that Kevin Durant has entered the mix.


The Warriors have four mouths to feed starting next season. Thompson, Durant, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green would need to sacrifice a portion of their game to make the super team work. However, Thompson has already stated that he won’t be sacrificing a thing.

“I feel kind of disrespected that people keep using the term sacrifice to describe me and describe us,” Thompson shared to The Vertical, via Yahoo Sports. “We all want to see each other do well. But I’m not sacrificing [expletive], because my game isn’t changing. I’m still going to try to get buckets, hit shots, come off screens. I want to win and have a fun time every game we play.”

Thompson’s statement can be taken both ways. On the bright side, he can be commended for still having the same intensity and determination, even though the game will be much easier for him now that opposing defenses will be busy guarding Curry and Durant. On the other hand, his unrelenting approach might create a divide in the locker room.

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Thompson has since suppressed the criticisms by saying he is excited to play with Durant. He knows the Warriors will be a hated team next season, but he fully accepts the challenge.

“The NBA season can get mundane; 82 games are so long and there can be some boredom,” he said. “Now, we can embrace being the hated team and getting everyone’s best, and adding some tension every night. It’ll be a fun experience going into arenas on the road, with opposing fans hating what we’ve built.”

According to Real Sport 101, one of the main reasons why the Durant experiment will fail is because the Warriors lost too many key players to sign him. Players like Andrew Bogut, Festus Ezeli, Leandro Barbosa and Harrison Barnes were as vital to the team’s success as Curry, Thompson and Green.

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