Warriors’ Draymond Green To Be Dismissed From US National Team?

Warriors’ Draymond Green To Be Dismissed From US National Team?
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USA Basketball is assessing Draymond Green’s Sunday arrest for misdemeanor.


The former Michigan State standout is a member of the 12-player U.S. Team. He recently completed his fourth season with the Golden State Warriors.

In a statement issued on Monday, USA Basketball said “it is aware of this news,” referring to Green’s arrest. “At this point, we are collecting all related information and will have no further comment until we have a better understanding of the situation,” the organization said.

As reported by USA Today, police took Green into custody for misdemeanor assault and battery charge during the early morning hours of Sunday. The incident involved Green and another individual engaged in an altercation outside an eatery. Released on a $200 bond, Green is slated to appear for arraignment on July 20.

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According to Peter Henning, professor of criminal law at Wayne State University, Green could participate in the workouts and be able to travel out of the country during the 2016 Rio Olympics if his case is still active. “They can make an arrangement to make an initial appearance and he may not even have to be present for it,” Henning said.

“This sounds fairly low level and so a judge is going to be able … they can make the necessary exceptions for him to be out of state and out of the country. So it’s unlikely that it would prevent him from participating in the Olympics.”

Chief communications officer for USA Basketball Craig Miller said he is not aware of any player who was disallowed from being part of the US national team.

Charles Barkley was involved in an altercation in Cleveland while Team USA was on an exhibition tour heading into the 1996 Summer Games, as reported by the Detroit News. He was part of the team, winning the gold medal in Atlanta and was found not guilty later.

Green will be appearing before Judge Richard Ball. If convicted, the basketball player could face a $500 fine and/or have to spend 90 days behind bars.

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