Warplanes, Warships Hunt Down Russian Submarine Creeping Around Scotland

Warplanes, Warships Hunt Down Russian Submarine Creeping Around Scotland
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French and Canadian warplanes and Royal Navy warships have been hunting down a Russian submarine lurking under the waters of Scotland. The sighting came months after U.S. intelligence expressed fear that Russia is behaving provocatively near underwire internet cables necessary for communications in case a WW3 erupts.


Britain was compelled to seek help from allies in order to scour the seas off Scotland for a Russian submarine creeping underwater. Both France and Canada sent in their aircraft to hunt down the intruder, The Telegraph reported exclusively.

A French Atlantique 2 has already been searching for the invader sub for at least 10 days, The Telegraph said in its report. Over the weekend, another French Atlantique and Canadian aircraft flew to RAF Lossiemouth to comb through the area for the Russian submarine.

Britain feared that the Russian boat is spying on a Trident nuclear deterrent submarine. The incident happened a month after U.S. intelligence and top military officials admitted fears about the provocative activities conducted by Russian spy submarines in close proximity to undersea U.S. cables. The activities were particularly alarming because the cables are significant to worldwide internet communications in the instance a war erupts.

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Britain’s Ministry of Defense refused to comment whether they are truly hunting for a Russian submarine. “We can confirm that allied maritime patrol aircraft based at RAF Lossiemouth for a limited period are conducting activity with the Royal navy. We do not discuss the detail of maritime operations,” a statement obtained by The Telegraph reads.