‘Warcraft’ Movie Releases Prequel Graphic Novel! What Is It Called?

‘Warcraft’ Movie Releases Prequel Graphic Novel! What Is It Called?
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With almost everybody getting ready for the highly anticipated Warcraft film adaptation, a hardcover graphic novel prequel will be accompanying the release of the film. The novel titled “Bonds of Brotherhood” tells the story of the main Orc characters before the events of the film.


You don’t have to be a gamer to know how popular Warcraft is. Blizzard’s hit RTS has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 90s. Now, Warcraft is a global franchise with millions of fans worldwide with hundreds of spin-off products.

The latest addition to the franchise is Legendary Picture’s movie adaptation of the early events in the Warcraft lore. Set to hit theaters in June 10, 2016, the movie will be the first cinematic adaptation of Blizzard’s game. The accompanying graphic novel will give everyone an opportunity to get into the story before stepping into the world of Azeroth.

Ubergizmo reported that the novel’s story is written by Blizzard’s Senior Vice-President for Story and Franchise Development Chris Metzen, who is also one of the writers in the film. It tells the story decades before the Orc’s campaign to conquer Azeroth began, and how three of Azeroth’s finest champions forged their first alliance.

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According to IGN, Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood will be published by Legendary Comics. The 112-page hardcover graphic novel is available for pre-order at $24.99. The novel will be released on June 7, three days before the film’s initial release.

The release of the graphic novel is an added bonus for excited fans, who finally got their wish for a Warcraft movie adaptation. The question now is, will the adaptation start a new trilogy of films based on the Warcraft universe? Many are hoping that other game franchises will get their own film adaptations as a testament to the rise of the video game industry.

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