Want To Tour Buckingham Palace? Google Has The Answer

Want To Tour Buckingham Palace? Google Has The Answer
Photo Credit: Lawrie Cate via Compfight cc

The Buckingham Palace is just a click away, as Google recently released a virtual reality video of the iconic building. Now, people can tour the royal corridors and see Queen Elizabeth II’s home like they are inside the palace itself.


Google Expeditions Pioneer Programme has made it possible for the video to come to life. As part of the initiative, people can see the new video on the British Monarchy YouTube Channel. It is the first time a UK landmark has been featured a virtual field trip aimed at schoolchildren across the globe.

“Buckingham Palace was the number one spot that kids around the world wanted to see. The palace is not just an historic residence, there is something quite mystical and majestic about it as the Queen lives there and it is a working royal residence. It is of endless fascination,” explained Jennifer Holland, Google’s Programme Manager, via Ubergizmo.

“For schoolchildren, Buckingham Palace is one of the most iconic, magical buildings in the world. We’re terrifically excited that, thanks to the virtual reality potential of Google Expedition, children, their teachers and families can visit the palace wherever they live,” added Jemima Rellie, director of content and audiences at the Royal Collection Trust, via NDTV.

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According to the director, virtual reality can be considered a game-changer because it is an entirely different platform. People can get as physically immersive into it without needing to bridge the geographical location. It is the best alternative for those who cannot visit the palace.

Schools around the world can guide their students through the virtual tour using a smartphone, a special app and a cardboard stereoscopic viewer. The tour starts with grand entrance then up to the grand staircase, throne room then the picture gallery, the green drawing room including the ballroom and the white drawing room.

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