Want To Party In College? Playboy Releases Top Party Schools 2015

Want To Party In College? Playboy Releases Top Party Schools 2015
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Playboy has released its list of Top Party Schools 2015. Ohio University nabbed the top spot for its location in Athens which according to Playboy “is home to one of the country’s largest Halloween block parties.”


Playboy noted that Ohio University sits in Court Street which connects it to Athen’s bar-hopping district. The neighborhood has half-mile stretch of 18 bars, not to mention that marijuana is already decriminalized in the region. In fact, college students usually hang out at Bong Hill. Also, thanks to #Fest and Electric Daisy Carnival, students can “double-fist Solo cups while bouncing to the sounds of Diplo, Wiz Khalifa and Kendrick Lamar.”

The Top Party Schools 2015 list includes (in chronological order) University of Iowa, Florida State University, Tulane University, University of Illinois, University of Texas, Syracuse University, University of Wisconsin, University of Mississippi and University of Michigan.

Meanwhile for those who are looking for a university based on critical questions of college affordability and value – whether they are likely to graduate, find middle-class job, and pay off loans – the Obama Administration, through the Department of Education has just released its new College Scorecard. According to the Fact Sheet released by the White House, the scorecard is created with direct input from students, families, and their advisers to provide the clearest, most accessible, and most reliable national data on college cost, graduation, debt and post-college earnings.

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“This new College Scorecard can empower Americans to rate colleges based on what matters most to them; to highlight colleges that are serving students of all backgrounds well; and to focus on making a quality, affordable education within reach,” as stated in the Fact Sheet.

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