Walt Disney Films To Release Aladdin Prequel Live-Action Comedy Adventure

Walt Disney Films To Release Aladdin Prequel Live-Action Comedy Adventure
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Disney is planning to develop a live-action prequel, entitled “Genies,” to its 1992 hit animated fantasy movie “Aladdin.”


Script for the second “Aladdin” is currently being completed by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, the Hollywood Reporter says, and shall be produced by Tripp Vinson through Vinson Films. Project partners Shannon and Swift’s popular projects include “Friday the 13th”in 2009 and “Freddy vs Jason” in 2003.

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Though the news says the project is still on its developing phase, Walt Disney Studio’s long-term goal is to release the prequel in a live-action comedy adventure. “Genie” tells the story of the world of genies and how Aladdin’s very own genie was trapped in a lamp.

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Released by Walt Disney Pictures, the first “Aladdin” was an adaptation of Arab folktale where a mischievous young boy, Aladdin, who makes the streets his home, finds a magical lamp which when rubbed, unleashes a genie, who grants three wishes to its liberator. Conflicts begin when a sorcerer enters the story and Aladdin falls in love with Jasmine, the Sultan’s daughter.

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The fantasy received positive views and was among the most successful movies in 1992 with $217 million revenues in the U.S. and around $504 million from abroad. Of course, in the new Aladdin, Walt Disney Studio will have to find an actor to replace Robin Williams, who played the genie.