Walmart Looking For Radio DJ; Here’s How To Apply

Walmart Looking For Radio DJ; Here’s How To Apply
Walmart Mike Mozart / Flickr CC BY 2.0

It may have taken six years to happen, but Walmart Radio is back. What’s more, they are looking for a new DJ, and it could be one of its store associates.


Walmart Radio Marketing Manager Russell Bloodworth knows that over the years, Walmart has hired them all: store associates, truck drivers, engineers, marketers, product developers and buyers. These are very common jobs at Walmart, compared to those not usually known by many like airline pilots who fly Walmart’s corporate jets. Or perhaps, a DJ?

You can be forgiven for thinking that Walmart never needed a DJ. After all, this post is practically six years in the making. According to Bloodworth, the decision to bring Walmart Radio back after its long hiatus was made a few months ago. And now, it includes a morning show along with regular news segments delivered in between popular music.

Back when it started in the early 1990s, Walmart looked to Walmart Radio legend Terry Berry to take up the DJ seat. Being a Walmart DJ is important. You broadcast to millions of Walmart associates as you deliver important news to associates while announcing news on hot rollbacks to busy customers. In short, a Walmart Radio DJ works on making sure everyone has a better experience in Walmart, whether they’re working or buying something.

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Right now, Walmart is giving its own associates the chance to become the next Walmart DJ. Store associates can send a 4-minute audition until January 16 to be considered for the position. Should they get the gig, the lucky store associate will receive benefits and a relocation package to Bentonville, Ark., where the Walmart radio studio is located.

Bloodworth said it was the associates who asked to bring back Walmart Radio. He said, “It’s time to make the magic happen.”

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