Walmart Launches Walmart Pay

Walmart Launches Walmart Pay
Walmart Pay / Walmart Website

Now, shopping in Walmart is possible even if you left your wallet at home. Recently, Walmart introduced Walmart Pay, which on a iOS or Android smartphone using the Walmart app.


The retail giant says Walmart Pay is “fast, easy and secure.” It is very convenient and can be readily used any checkout lane and using any major debit, credit, prepaid card or even, a Walmart gift card. Walmart Global eCommerce President and Chief Executive Officer Neil Ashe says the goal behind creating the Walmart app was to “make shopping faster and easier.” And with the new payment system, it further transforms shopping experience, allowing shoppers to seamlessly shop online, mobile and in various Walmart stores. Improving the way shop is very important for this giant retailer. After all, as much as 140 million customers actually shop in Walmart weekly. For now, Walmart says that 22 million customers actually actively use their Walmart app each month. And with the addition of Walmart pay, it is possible that the app can attract more shoppers.

Walmart says that using Walmart Pay is quite easy. First, just visit any register, open the Walmart app and select Walmart Pay. Afterwards, activate the camera and you’re ready to start shopping. When you’ve gotten everything you need, just scan the code displayed on the register at any time during your check out. An associate will start scanning and bagging items. And when everything is done, an eReceipt will be sent to the customer.

This month, Walmart says that Walmart Pay will only available in select stores. However, Walmart says that they plan to roll out Walmart Pay nationwide by the first half of 2016.

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