‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Deanna Soon To Join Undead, Rick Plans Escape From Alexandria

‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Deanna Soon To Join Undead, Rick Plans Escape From Alexandria
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Last week’s latest episode of “The Walking Dead” showed that Alexandrians ran out of options but to flee since their town wall crumbled down. As the zombies came rushing into town, Deanna gets bitten by a Walker while the rest planned an escape to be lead by Rick. Is Negan showing his face for the finale?


As reported by MTV, the season six finale for “The Walking Dead” is fast-approaching and the various twists and turns need to be revisited before fans may know what to expect for the final episode of this year’s season.

First off, the biggest twist of all, was seeing Glenn killed and un-killed. Apparently, he and Enid are hopeful that they can still save the day from the outside of Alexandria, although Enid is not as enthusiastic as he is.

The Ants also ate the Sam’s cookie, which, in turn, brings the possibility that Sam may not be able to live through this feat after all. Also, Rick is, again, on the run for his life, Ron eager to get his revenge and shoot Carl which he did… by hitting him at the behind.

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For the upcoming season ender for “The Walking Dead,” Entertainment Weekly revealed that Deanna would end up being bitten by one of the walkers, Glenn will try to save the town from within, and the Wolf will take Denise as his hostage.

With regards to Rick, he is yet again on a mission to save everyone from the Walkers by planning an escape. He and the rest of the group would be covering themselves up in a zombie gut to make them appear like walkers instead of humans. As they plan the escape out of Alexandria, Michonne volunteered to be the one to pull the trigger on Deana since there was no more saving her after she got bitten. However, she attested that she was not ready to go yet and that she would use the gun on herself when the time came.

The best spoiler that is expected to be showcased on “The Walking Dead” season six mid-season finale is the showing of Negan, the infamous antagonist in the book version. Will Rick and the rest of the group be able to leave town with zero casualties? Who will not survive the escape?