‘Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Glenn Died In Season 6? Read Hints Here!

‘Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Glenn Died In Season 6? Read Hints Here!
The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer screenshots Casey Florig / Flickr CC

While fans of “The Walking Dead” have been guessing as to who died at the end of season 6, the latest season 7 spoilers hinted it was Glenn.


Celeb Dirty Laundry appeared sure when it claimed that the character of Steven Yeun was actually the one who was hardly-hit by Negan’s baseball bat Lucille during the last episode of the previous season.

According to the site, there are several reasons they think it was really his life that was taken by the newly-introduced character.

Apart from pointing out that Glenn was killed off in the comics version of “The Walking Dead,” season 7 spoilers claimed that the new season would reportedly start with a scene showing how Negan ended up killing Maggie’s baby daddy.

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One scene cited by the site was when Negan was doing the eeny meeny thing while walking to and fro before the show’s protagonists.

Looking at the pattern of how he managed to swing his bat while reciting eeny meeny, it can be surmised that the barbed wire-covered weapon stopped right in front of Glenn, as what a fan observed when the video was slowed down.

Another fan reportedly played the audio of the last scene of “The Walking Dead” season 6 and found out that a guy, who sounded like Glenn, was uttering “Mag… Maggie” before totally fading out. Could this mean that season 7, based on the spoilers, would take off from here?

Meanwhile, based on released images, the report said it was only Glenn who was seen directly facing the bat, while Sasha was shown with the bat but from Negan’s perspective.

In the meantime, as fans commented that the series’ season finale was a cliffhanger, Scott M. Gimple explained why it ended that way, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“The end of the story is what people saw. And when we reveal who was on the receiving end there, that’s going to be the start of another story,” Gimple said. “The kickback effects from that, what it makes everyone into, how people react, how the world changes for everyone, that’s the next part of the story.”

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