‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Updates: Will Jesus Turn Against Everyone?

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Updates: Will Jesus Turn Against Everyone?
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The latest season of The Walking Dead has introduced a new teaser for fans out there, and it’s not about Negan. Apart from the much-anticipated entry of the iconic character into the franchise, the character Jesus has made intriguing reveals last Sunday… and his part in the series is going to be a big one!


Tom Payne, the actor who plays Jesus in “The Walking Dead” franchise, has revealed that although he was seen captured by Daryl and Rick in the latest episode of the series, it has all been an act. Furthermore, the actor also revealed that fans will not be able to anticipate what’s coming next for the character.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Payne revealed that although the latest episode shows a different character name from that of the comic books, the confusion about Deana and the Monroe family will be tackled in the proceeding episodes.

In fact, Payne said, “You know, there are these new guys coming on the show and you’re roughing up these two very popular characters. That’s quite daunting actually, just because as a person coming on to a show you’re like, ‘Hey, you massively popular character. I’m going to come in and make you look a bit silly’, which is what I do in the episode – just running around and making them look a bit foolish, which is quite fun, you know.”

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Given that, Jesus will play a humorous role in the upcoming episodes of “The Walking Dead.” He verified, “Jesus is very playful here, even more so than in the comic, I would say.”

“They want this lighter character, not that he’s too light He’s a very serious person actually. He could be talking about something very serious, but there’s also a lighter side to it. Everything is with a kind of sideways glance, but also not too much. There was a lot of me trying to find the right tone as ell because the show is also slightly heightened at times, but also very serious, and that was, for me, slightly difficult in making sure I struck the right balance of tone.”

In other news, IGN reports that Payne said his character will also bring something new to the table, something more intriguing. He said, “He’s [Jesus] pretending to be something that he’s not. He says a lot of things which might not necessarily be true. But then he makes a huge effort; he’s like, ‘I’m going to follow these guys back to where they came from’. He has a lot of story which he’s not telling, and normally when you read a script you go by what other characters say about you and that helps you, but no on in this show knows who I am.”

In fact, fans have reacted to Jesus’s role in the franchise, via Talking Dead. One raised a point as to whether the others would be able to trust his character. Payne then said, “Yes, he was taking supplies, but it’s the cutthroat world that we live in at this moment. But didn’t kill them. Was he running from the zombies? I think he was watching them for a while before that scene, and he could have killed both of them and done whatever he wanted to do, but he didn’t. It’s definitely an episode that you can think about his motives and how he did carry himself.”

Catch episode 11 of The Walking Dead season 6 on AMC this February 28, 2016. What do you think is Jesus’ next move? Will he change the game altogether and turn against the characters?