‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale Update: Character Who Died Revealed?

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale Update: Character Who Died Revealed?
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After “The Walking Dead” season 6 finale aired on April 3, followers of the show could not help but keep on wondering who died. One of the avid followers tried to fish for more clues by slowing the episode’s audio.


In a report by Hollywood Life, a certain “intrepid” fan claimed that by slowing the audio of the season’s last episode, we get a strong hint of who died.

Accordingly, by playing the audio of the scene where Negan was hitting his victim with the barbed wire-covered bat slower, a specific character’s name can allegedly be heard being called out. While Hollywood Life did not say who, this is a sign that fans just cannot wait to know who it is.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the 49-year-old actor who portrays the role of super bad guy Negan, disclosed that the upcoming season of the AMC series will start where it exactly ended in the sixth season.

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In a separate report, Hollywood Life shared that at the last portion of the recently-concluded season, Negan can be heard introducing Lucille to Rick and his group. “This? This is Lucille, and she is awesome,” the new character stated while he walked towards Maggie’s direction.

The episode, described as an “emotional moment,” was the source of several fans’ disappointment, being a cliffhanger. Norman Reedus, the horror drama’s Daryl Dixon, explained that the final scene was necessary “to show the change of power.”

“I know what happens, and it’s gut-wrenching,” one of the most favorite zombie killers on American television pointed out in an interview with Today. “We had crew members crying.”

Keep posted for more updates as to who really died at “The Walking Dead” season 6 finale, and for season 7 spoilers!

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