‘The Walking Dead’ Kids’ Version: Adorable or Twisted?

‘The Walking Dead’ Kids’ Version: Adorable or Twisted?

A photographer mother, who did a photo shoot inspired from “The Walking Dead” scenes, is receiving criticism on social media.


In these pictures, a 6 year old can be seen running ahead of a group of zombies, while a 3 year old is pointing a gun at another child’s head.

Professional photographer Alana Hubbard, a mother, is defending the pictures inspired from her favorite television series, “The Walking Dead.”

“I don’t understand why it’s gotten so controversial because I didn’t create the scenes, everyone’s seen this before on TV,” Hubbard said, as reported by ABC News.

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“I would never do something to be negative, or to hurt my business.” Speaking about the positive comments she received, she said, “I’m so happy to see the comments from people saying, ‘This is awesome.’ Or, especially some of the comments that say, ‘I’ve never seen the show before, but you made my day,” she explained further.

Twenty four children of ages between 3 to 7 years, which also included her two kids, participated in the photo shoot. The pictures, which re-enacted popular scenes from the show, involved props like fake guns, crossbows, bats and swords. Hubbard said the scenes were set on abandoned train tracks, and that any blood or wounds were photoshopped.

“I would never put other people’s children and my children in harm’s way,” she said. “We chose not to use the real zombie effects because there were young siblings there too. We didn’t want the kids to be scared. We wanted them to have a good time.”

The Facebook album (see below) containing the pictures has received 45,000 likes. The photo shoot has seen both appreciation and reproach alike. Some who were critical of the pictures said it glorified the use of weapons.

One user wrote, “Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this? I mean it’s practically teaching kids about killing and teaching them to point guns at each other.” Another said, “That’s wrong. What is that teaching these kids?”

Soon after sharing the pictures, Hubbard was reported by an anonymous user; as a result of which, she was blocked from Facebook for 72 hours. However, her account was soon restored.

The pictures were also posted on the show’s official website, and have been viewed by thousands of people. Hubbard has expressed interest in having another photo shoot done for “Walking Dead.”

As reported by CBS News, she said she also plans to re-enact scenes from shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones.”

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