‘Volkswagen’ To Recall 8.5 Million Vehicles In Europe Due To Emissions Issue

‘Volkswagen’ To Recall 8.5 Million Vehicles In Europe Due To Emissions Issue
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The Volkswagen Group has released a statement saying that they welcome the swift decision of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), which will involve the recall of its diesel vehicles throughout Europe, also known as EU28 markets. The group estimates that as much as 8.5 million vehicles will be part of this recall.


This recall will involve as much as 2.4 million vehicles in Germany. Meanwhile, outside of the EU28 markets, the Volkswagen Group shall clarify which emissions classes of the cars with EA 189 engines will also become part of the recall. At the same time, Volkswagen says it is committed to contact customers directly in order to inform them of this decision.

Nonetheless, customers in Germany who wish to check if their vehicles are affected may do so by entering their car’s chassis number on this website. Similarly, customers in other EU countries can also check if they are affected using other websites that have been set up for Volkswagen as well as for Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA brands.

Volkswagen assures customers that remedial action will be done on their affected vehicles free of charge. The company says it is currently working on developing technical solutions for the affected vehicles “at full speed.” Meanwhile, they intend to start conducting remedial action on affected vehicles beginning January 2016. It is said that the remedy may involve a combination of software and hardware fixes.

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At the same time, Volkswagen would like to emphasize that the current successor of its affected EA 288 diesel engines is not affected by the emissions issue. Moreover, the said engine has actually been in use since 2012.