‘The Voice’ Season 11 Premiere, Judges: Here’s Everything To Know

‘The Voice’ Season 11 Premiere, Judges: Here’s Everything To Know
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“The Voice” Season 11 is here! And it’s bigger and better than ever, with new judges bringing a whole new flair to the show!


Last year, it was Alison Porter. Who will take the top spot this year at “The Voice” Season 11? With a host of fresh, talented contestants, and two new judges sitting on the revolving chairs, be prepared to be entertained to the core!

Here are all the things you need to know before you tune in to “The Voice” Season 11:

New Female Judges

Don’t worry; the handsome hunks have not gone anywhere. Adam Levine and Blake Sheldon are still on for judging Season 11. But with talks of gender equality gripping the nation and the entertainment industry, how could “The Voice” reserve only one spot for a female judge?

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For the first time on the reality show, two new female singers will be replacing ex-judges Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams. These are none other than Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys, as mentioned by MyArklaMiss.

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Audition Teasers

Things are already heating up with people dying to find out who Wé McDonald is, and which judge she will choose, reports NJ.

A clip of her audition was released by “The Voice” as the first teaser of Season 11, making viewers suspect she must be a pretty special contestant to have the honor of being featured in the promo.

Wé McDonald was seen singing a captivating version of “Feeling Good,” after which all four judges hit the “turn-around” buzzer, which meant all of them wanted her on their teams. So the choice comes down to McDonald. Find out which judge she chooses to be her coach when “The Voice” returns.

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Double Premiere

“The Voice” promises double the amount of fun from the very beginning. This is why they have organized a two-night premiere of the show this season!

The first half of the Season 11 premiere airs on Monday night, September 19 on NBC; the second half airs on the following day.

People can also watch it live at NBC.com/Live.

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