‘The Voice’ Season 11 Auditions: Candace Bure Wants Her Daughter To Pick Blake Shelton, Adam Levine As Coach

‘The Voice’ Season 11 Auditions: Candace Bure Wants Her Daughter To Pick Blake Shelton, Adam Levine As Coach
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The Voice Season 11 will be returning in September and the rumors making the rounds suggest that “Fuller House” star Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter Natasha could be giving her luck a try this time.


Contestants having close connections with celebrities are not rare on the show and if Bure’s teenage daughter actually turns up for the auditions, she would become a part of a regular tradition.

A source told US Weekly that the 17-year-old auditioned for the show and Bure even accompanied her to the sets to provide her the much-needed support. While Bure did not confirm the rumor, she did admit that Natasha is planning on a career in music.

“She is singing,” Bure said at the Hallmark Television Critics Association Party on Wednesday. “That’s what she’s pursuing. It would be great.”

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She added that if her daughter managed to make it to The Voice, she would prefer Adam Levine‘s or Blake Shelton as her coach.

“I would probably say between Adam and Blake, because the other two judges rotate. So maybe one that is there all the time. But you know, everyone they have on that show is unbelievable. I love watching that show,” she said. “Adam’s a cutie and so is Blake. They are adorable together.”

The Voice Season 11 will bring on board two new judges along with Levine and Shelton. They are Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys. It has been long since the show had new judges and it would also be the first time for the show to have two female judges on the panel at the same time, the Cartermatt reported.

However, people already got a taste of Natasha’s talent in April on The View, when she performed with pop duo For King & Country. She is the oldest child of Bure with husband Valeri Bure. She has two brothers, Lev, 16, and Maksim, 14.

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  • sj

    Natasha was invited by an NBC The Voice email. Sounds like NBC is not being fair to the contestants. Usually, they have to audition not be ‘invited’.

    It’s a set-up to showcase Camerons’ daughter. She’s not even a good singer. They rejected someone her age and who was a better singer. I call Fowl.