Vladimir Putin’s Secret Armies Deployed In The West, Ready To Attack – Intelligence

Vladimir Putin’s Secret Armies Deployed In The West, Ready To Attack – Intelligence
From President of Russia CC BY 4.0

The world’s attention has been directed at Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin after a rumor broke out saying he has stationed the country’s secret military force, ready to strike in time of war.


The so-called “secret army” was revealed by Russian author and expert biographer Boris Reitschuster in his new book “Putin’s Hidden War.” Not only does it say that the secret army is ready to strike at Putin’s command, the troupe is also trained in the Russian way of combat, particularly the “Systema” techniques of martial arts.

Prelude to Reitschuster’s book, which will be released at a later date, was published in one of Russia’s leading newspapers, BILD. Even before Reitschuster’s now controversial book has been released, some of its contents have already created buzz across the world, which was reported by various news organizations worldwide.

According to Reitschuster, who claimed to have seen first-hand confidential reports from western Europe’s intelligence agency, Putin’s covert armies are stationed all over Europe and are readying for all possibilities, including the feared World War 3.

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The rumored secret military of Putin came amid growing fear of a potential World War 3 among the world’s superpowers, especially between the United States and Russia. Both countries, which have been embroiled in different global issues lately, including its individual commitment to denuclearization, have been flexing military prowess before the world.

According to a report published by the Express, Putin’s sleeper agents are capable of advanced and even traditional war techniques such as Russian traditional martial arts and knife-fighting.

“This fighting force in enemy territory is a mainstay in Putin’s hidden war against the West. These saboteurs with elite education are no negligible factor – they are targeted for crisis situations and trained to trigger unrest after assessing intelligence documents,” Reitschuster told the newspaper BILD.

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  • prestalex

    On the day when Putin is extending, once again, his hand in friendship via our mutual space endeavors on this, Cosmonaut’s Day in Russia, this site finds it appropriate to post this article about potential clandestine operations in the ready against the west.

    Anyone who thinks that the west does not also have the very same contingencies in place better rethink things.

    I’d like to know who is profiteering from keeping the cold war alive and advancing it to an actual conflict. Why can’t our two great nations come together in peace for the mutual benefit of our people? That is my deepest wish.

    • Butrflis

      thank you god…..someone who gets the big picture. All you have to do is replace “Putin” with “Obama” and “clandestine army” with “CIA.”