Vladimir Putin World War 3: Book Of Revelations Calls Putin An Antichrist?

Vladimir Putin World War 3: Book Of Revelations Calls Putin An Antichrist?
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If one is to believe in a doomsday foreteller who published a detailed scenario of a possible invasion, we can now start packing our bags as it is about to happen next year.


According to a YouTube channel of an apocalyptic foreteller, as reported by the India Today, a group of advanced alien species would invade Earth between 2017 and 2020. Sounds weird, right? But what’s even weirder is the fact that these alien species are led by no less than Jesus Christ.

Vladimir Putin Antichrist?

But even before the advanced alien civilizations could carry out their plans in invading Earth, Russian President Vladimir Putin would stage a World War III. But psychic T Chase prophesized that even the feared Russian leader could not stop the invading aliens.

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But unlike traditional doomsday theories that prophesized the end of the world, T Chase proposed an alternative scenario. Instead of Jesus coming to destroy the world, the divine leader, whom aliens are considering as their leader, will set up a worldwide government.

Global Government

This government, according to T Chase, aims to save the entire world from self-destruction. He even added a rather iconic and predictable scene from a sci-fi film where aliens aboard a gigantic spaceship kill millions of humans with their laser-capable guns.

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“We are too war-like to govern ourselves peacefully. Humanity is set on an inevitable path of self-destruction and only a hand from above can save us,” he said, as quoted by the India Today.

Aside from establishing a global government, Jesus, at least according to him, would re-engineer the entire human race to get rid of the humans and their self-destructing nature.

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