Vladimir Putin Slaughtering Seethes In Syria, Jihadi John No. 1 In Kill List

Vladimir Putin Slaughtering Seethes In Syria, Jihadi John No. 1 In Kill List
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Russian President Vladimir Putin is inexorable in Syria despite criticism from the west. He upholds that Russia’s onslaught in Syria is within the bounds of international law since the Syrian government by President Basher al-Assad has requested for it. If there is any illegal activity happening in the region, it would be the U.S.-led coalition airstrikes because they had no requests from the Syrian government, Mr. Putin insists.


Hence, the latest order from Russia’s leader is to prioritize the hunting and killing of Jihadi John, the ISIS top executioner. Another order which the U.S. perceives as a large propaganda for Russia, the The Sun reported.

According to sources, Mr. Putin is sending his special forces to hunt for Jihadi John, whose real identity is British Mohammed Emwazi. After killing Jihadi John, Russia will then continue hunting for ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to U.S. Security forces who have spoken with The Sun on condition of anonymity.

According to sources, Mr. Putin thinks it is wise to carry out snatch and kill operations against Jihadi John and the ISIS leader. If Mr. Putin triumphs on this mission, it will be a big insult to the west and would definitely be a “devastating blow to American prestige,” the sources said.

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Mr. Putin is also readying his deadliest weapons to annihilate ISIS and other terrorist groups, including CIA-backed Syrian rebels. Numerous Russian warships stationed in the Mediterranean are ready to received command from Mr. Putin to attack the ISIS, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov said as reported by The Express.

Russia’s army is also said to be readying its “Blazing Sun” flamethrower missile launcher. The weapon has thermobaric weapons that can obliterate as many as eight tower blocks in one strike. “Blazing Sun” can launch up to 30 missiles simultaneously. War experts are fearing that even civilians can be wiped out from the face of the Earth with this weapon.

“The results are devastating. Not only is the explosion significantly longer and the shockwave significantly hotter and stronger than a conventional warhead, but all the oxygen in the near vicinity is also consumed, creating a partial vacuum,” one weapon expert told The Express.

As previously reported by Morning News USA, fears of a looming World War 3 in Syria is louder now than ever before. At this point, if Russia is bombing terrorists in the region, it can be said that a proxy war between Russia and U.S. has already started. U.S. is supporting the Syrian opposition rebels fighting the Assad regime. Any group fighting against the Assad regime is considered as targets by Russia. Situation got worse especially as Turkey, a staunch U.S. and NATO ally, has threatened to shoot down any Russian jet that will invade its airspace. (To keep updated with the latest development in Syria click here.)