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Vladimir Putin Rigged US Elections: Facts To Know

Vladimir Putin Rigged US Elections: Facts To Know
Vladimir Putin Presidential Press and Information Office / Wikimedia Commons cc


Vladimir Putin Rigged US Elections: Facts To Know

Former U.S. National Security contractor Edward Snowden said that the U.S. elections was rigged by Vladimir Putin’s government. What’s the evidence?

Vladimir Putin: Russia In Favor Of Donald Trump?

Snowden allegedly stated that he has clear evidence of the rigging. He also said that Russian hackers in favor of Donald Trump were responsible. Furthermore, he said that he received confirmation through Guccifer 2.0. He has allegedly gotten hold of a malware used in the electronic voting machines.

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According to World News Daily Report, the malware resulted to the victory of Donald Trump. Snowden made these statements at an internet conference in Berlin, as per reports. He was attending the conference via a video link from Russia.

Snowden said, “We aren’t surprised that the elections were rigged.

“Instead, we are surprised that they were rigged in favor of Donald Trump.”

However, Snowden said that all global elections have been rigged, and that voter fraud is a common problem. Accordingly, he allegedly said that democracy is a “beautiful illusion.” Moreover, power brokers convinced citizens to have faith in the system.

In addition, Snowden was reported to have said that it’s pointless to have faith in this system. This is because we are being ruled by the 1% of this world.

While talking about U.S. votes, Snowden allegedly said that the election is divided 51/49. It was an impossible number, given the 100 million voter population. The numbers couldn’t have been so tight.

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He said that at first, the voting machines were rigged for Hillary Clinton. However, Russian hackers later took advantage of it and turned the system against her.

Academics Against Voter Fraud (AAVF) then reportedly discovered that in Wisconsin, Hillary got 7% lesser seats in counties that used the electronic voting machines.

Vladimir Putin: Is The Rigging true?

World News Daily Report is a fake news site, though. It has reported an absolutely fake story about an internet conference that never took place.

The photos of Snowden shown in the article were oldunrelated images. Snowden has not made any statements after the 2016 elections, according to Snopes.

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