Vladimir Putin Orders Full Combat Alert

Vladimir Putin Orders Full Combat Alert
Flying in a helicopter over facilities comprising transportation infrastructure of the Southern Federal District President of Russia / Website cc by 4.0
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Russian military forces are on full alert on orders of President Vladimir Putin. This means that anytime an order is made, attacks will be launch. But the question is, why should the Russian president has his military on standby?


Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the drills will assess the readiness of the Russian Southern Military District’s airborne troops. “In accordance with the decision of the commander-in-chief, today at 5 a.m. [02:00 GMT] the troops of the Southern Military District, units of the airborne troops and military transport aviation have been placed on full combat alert. Since that time we have started a snap inspection of the troops’ combat readiness in the southwestern strategic direction,” Sputnik quoted Shoigu during a meeting. The snap drills are intended to test the country’s forces around Ukraine and the Caucasus.

The minister added that the drill is necessary to see if troops are able to address a variety of situations. “It is necessary to practice the whole range of tasks the control and command bodies are dealing with, including the fight against terrorist threats, recovery from natural and man-made disasters, to inspect units’ maneuvering potential on marches,” added the official.

According to Newsweek, the drills included airborne forces and ground troops under the Southern Military District of Russia covering Russia’s Rostov region. This is also near the border of Ukraine’s war-torn Donetsk including the Luhansk regions.

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Whereas Moscow continues to demonstrate its military might across the globe, some countries are not happy with it. For one, German chancellor Angela Merkel did not hide her outrage over air strikes in Syria as ordered by Mr. Putin. The said campaign has been linked to aggravated Syrian crisis sending more refugees to the Turkish border. According to Financial Times, the fighting in Syria has forced thousands of civilians along the border of Turkey who consequently denied entry. “We are now, over the last few days, not only appalled but also shocked by the human suffering of tens of thousands of people through bombing attacks, and also bombing attacks originating from the Russian side,” Merkel lamented as quoted by Ukraine Today.

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